Need help filling in the report form? Not sure what do to? Read on.

Who can submit a report?

Anyone can submit a report, you do not need to be a registered user in order to post however if you do not, your post will be listed as Anonymous. Although the majority of posts are made by motorists, you do not have to be one to contribute on this site. After you submit a report it should be visible right away in the prices table, if you don't see your post please keep in mind that some posts must be manually approved for a variety of reasons.

How do I fill in the report form?

The price field is for the price of gas in cents/litre with one space for a decimal. Stations, Cities and Locations can be selected from the autocomplete menus provided, you must have javascript enabled in order to see the autocomplete suggestions. If your Station, City or Location is not in the list you can may enter them in the fields anyways and we may add them to our lists for future submissions. The Location should be an intersection where possible as it is the easiest way to show where the station is.

I submitted a report but I cannot see my post!

The High & Low tab shows the 10 lowest and highest prices in the city and its surrounding regions, if the price you submitted is somewhere in between you will need to use the Gas Prices tab to view more prices. Please keep in mind that some posts must be manually approved and may take time to be visible.

How do I update a price that has already been posted?

From time to time prices need to be updated. If a price has changed for a particuar station, you can submit a new price for the station and the most recent price submitted will be displayed.

Are the prices posted on this site accurate?

The prices on this site are by no means 100% accurate. Gas prices at the pumps are continually changing, a price on this site may change minutes after it was posted. We also rely on the honesty of others to post as accurately as possible and not to mislead with bogus prices. Although we have ways to eliminate such posts, there is no way to completely prevent them. Please use the prices on this site as a guide only.

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